I know that we don’t have to post this right away–because we’ll add to it,  but since this is my sketchbook– I did hear you re-use my line (woot woot! props to me!)–I want to just explore some thoughts here. If you find anything interesting or worth discussing, let me know!

Para 5: pg. 56: “In one way or another actors live the text; they do not embody anyone at all. In the theater they live in literature for a brief moment. In motion pictures, some of their moments endure with a tendency toward the infinite. Dramatists have written plays in an attempt to approach the ancient dream of the fiction writer: that human beings live in their texts. Thus, artistic creation transcends the imaginary level in order to achieve reality. In regard to my own concept, the movement is reversed; that is, reality moves toward the imaginary.”

-Actors live vicariously through the texts that they are to embody

-Not like typical readers who read a book using only their minds to interpret a text, an actor gives themselves fully to the text in every aspect

-Other authors write their texts in an attempt to make them realistic through the portrayals of an actor

-G will attempt to do the opposite

-He will prove that actors (real) are living within a text (imaginary)

Then, just as we were told to start finishing up, I came up with this, and I’m curious to see if I can prove it at all throughout the rest of this story, or throughout the end of the semester at some point–or maybe I will through the use of my other class this semester (Aspects of Drama).

-Theater: you live in the role for a few moments

-Movies: you live in the moment for longer- as long as the movie survives

Dramatists: Try to achieve their goal of fiction writers–showing/proving that humans live in their texts–yet G plans to prove that it is the TEXTS that bring ACTORS to life, not the other way around….

Interestingly insane, eh?