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June 21, 2011

Opinions of Don Quixote:

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I found Don Quixote to be very entertaining. Though the stories we read about did seem to be repetitive, it was funny to ‘watch’ DQ constantly get the crap beat out of him. In reading it, I couldn’t help but become attached to his character…feeling his pain when they walled up his library and then burned his books. I’m so attached to my books, I can’t even imagine that feeling. The whole idea of the story was extremely interesting to me, the thought that one can become so involved in their books and never come out of their imagination…their reveries, it’s intriguing. Last semester (Spring ’11), I had a class with Professor Cuomo–Aspects of Fiction. We often would sit there and discuss how sad it is that the younger generations–mine included– are completely unable to sit in a room and read a book; get truly lost in the world created by the things that you are reading, I can see it in my classmates and even my siblings. What Professor Cuomo and I had in common was that we are both able to sit and read a book for a few hours without my cellphone next to me, without using a computer, or needing the television. We’ve actually spent time discussing how involved in books we can become, and after eventually coming away from the books we’re reading, for a split second, readjusting your brain and remembering that you are actually in the real world. It made Quixote extremely close to me–easier to relate to. I really liked the novel. The only aspect I didn’t like was the need to analyze the idea of who the narrator vs the author is. Trying to decide where this narrator comes in for so long, just frustrated me and made me bored.

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