Blog Post#3

June 15, 2011

In class writing: “She Lived in a Story” by Guillermo Samperio

I did like Samperio’s story–I like that within the story we were able to follow Segovia’s train of thought as he went from one place to another. I tend to allow my mind to wander as I drive or watch t.v.; I am constantly thinking about things that I did earlier in the day or things that I still have to do. Typically, when I allow my thoughts to wander like that, it is when I come up with my best ideas. I found the questioning of whether or not the people within the story were real or not really confusing and at many points frustrating. I am not a fan of philosophy, so this whole do we exist, do we not exist, frustrated me. I did thoroughly enjoy Segovia’s constant use of metaphor, I do the same exact thing all time.

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