Blog Post #2

June 15, 2011

“I write that he writes a story that I live in” (Samperio 60).

In this quote, Ofelia is narrating–the narration has switched from homodiegetic, to heterodiegetic, back to homodiegetic, resulting in what I would call multiple focalization. See, at this point in the story, the “I” is Ofelia and the “he” is Segovia. Ofelia is literally saying that she is sitting down to write a story about Segovia, and that he is writing a story about her in his story. This whole thing confuses me, jumping between the narrative matrix like this is like asking which comes first the chicken or the egg. But, I digress, I would call this multiple focalization over variable focalization because in multiple focalization, it is the same episode being told over and over by different focalizers. Here, we have three narrators: Ofelia, Segovia, and our third person narrator that I would refer to as Samperio. While they are all telling different aspects of the story, they are all still telling the same story. It’s a story within a story, about the same story; the same episode.  They aren’t all telling different episodes, or different stories all together, they are telling the same story through their own eyes over and over, and as we get deeper into the levels of narration, we can see it really is the same story with their own additions to it.

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