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June 15, 2011

“In one way or another actors live the text; they do not embody anyone at all. In the theater they live in literature for a brief moment. In motion pictures, some of their moments endure with a tendency toward the infinite. Dramatists have written plays in an attempt to approach the ancient dream of the fiction writer: that human beings live in their texts. Thus, artistic creation transcends the imaginary level in order to achieve reality. In regard to my own concept, the movement is reversed; that is, reality moves toward the imaginary” (Samperio 59).  When Segovia is trying to come up with a character to be in his text, again he has created a thought process that readers are able to follow within the text. What he is saying within this quote, is that actors are living vicariously throughout the texts that they are trying to embody. Perhaps in some sense, it means that actors are not living when they are not acting. Which relates to the conversation that we had in class today when we were discussing the belief that everyone is acting at every moment of their lives. In that case, no one is living unless they are embodying someone else, some other entity; “all the world is a stage” is the quote that comes to mind. Segovia is also insinuating the actors are not like typical readers who read a book using only their minds to interpret–rather an actor gives all of their being to the text. Which is true– I took theater all throughout high school, and the best way to become a character, was literally to become that person.

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